Last night I went for a walk with my friend Cathy.   We have this little custom of driving to different areas to walk.   Keeps it fresh, plus we both love looking at homes and generally enjoy seeing different parts of Buffalo.

This time it was my choice, and I told her I wanted her to take me on a tour of Williamsville.   Cathy’s office is in the village, and I know that as a busy small business owner she’s been taking walks through the village now and again to get out of the office, relax and meet her neighbors.   The Village of Williamsville is probably one of the best spots around to do just that.

We started at Island Park, her office being only steps away.   Just inside the park, we came upon the Williamsville South High School Band, playing a summer concert in the park.   What a lovely surprise, and what a superb way to spend a summer evening!   They are a talented group of musicians to be sure.  

We allowed ourselves just a few minutes of enjoying the music.   These walks are for fitness as well as fun!   We walked to the tip of the park and if you go there you’ll see that the park is indeed an island on Ellicott Creek and it comes to a point at the end.   When I was a kid, I imagined the tip of the park was the bow of a boat.   I guess I was a daydreamer even back then.

Walking around the park taking in the views of the creek and the surrounding greenery, it occurs to me that it felt as though we had walked into an oasis, very much like walking into the residential parks in the city.   It’s very serene, natural and calming.   Especially with the music playing softly in the background. What a great place to de-stress after a busy day!   Bring the kids too. There’s a playground for them to enjoy as well.   Very family friendly.    

We moved on to Main Street and zig zagged through a few of the streets just south of Main.   Along the way, we saw plenty of gorgeous homes, felt a very ‘village’ vibe.   Next, we wound our way to over to Garrison Road, and another quaint little park, Garrison Park.   This one is smaller, is all about kids, and is every bit as lovely as Island Park.   Again it’s just one block over from Main Street and all that’s going on there.

We swung back around to Main Street where, by the way, local businesses absolutely abound!   This is a perfect place to support local businesses.   We had a conversation about the new brewery coming to Main Street.   There are so many new breweries all over Buffalo.  Do people really drink that much beer?   We decided that this is Buffalo so yes, yes they do.   And this brewery is perched at the edge of Ellicott Creek and promises very pretty views.   Welcome Britesmith Brewing.   We’ll sample your brews and your views soon!

We walked past the library where we came upon this little walkway that always draws me in.   I love the arrow sign telling me what I already know, that the Village of Williamsville is a walkable community, giving the minutes to each spot instead of miles.   Sweet.


Really, really enjoyed getting to know Williamsville again.

By the way, the friend I’m walking with is Cathy Lanzalaco, owner of Inspire Careers. She is in her third year as a small business owner located in this historic and thriving community.   Cathy says of Williamsville, “I love working in the village!   I have been here for almost three years and I love the people, the energy, and the vibe.”   Inspire Careers offers career advisement, resume writing, and job search strategy coaching.   Her most recent addition is a Student Professional Launch Program.   Check out her website here.   Alright, that’s the end of my shameless plug for a great friend…

Neither of us had a lot of time that night so this was a short walk.   Maybe I’ll continue this little tour another day, I’ve enjoyed getting to know Williamsville again.   It’s good to get out in your community and walk.   Explore a little.   Talk to people. Get to know your neighbors.   Become a tourist in your own city!    

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