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I love that my hometown is Buffalo, NY!

Growing up in a suburb of the city, my family rarely spent time in the city. When I was a kid, there just didn’t seem to be that much going on in the city. Looking back now, maybe I just didn’t know.

In 2009, while working on the 31st floor in the HSBC Building (now Seneca One Tower) I looked out my office window and saw a little patch of green next to the Buffalo River. I thought, “Is that grass?”. Shortly after I went over to investigate. It was indeed grass, and a boardwalk. It was the beginning of what has now become Canalside!

After months of watching the old Aud building come down piece by piece, this new beginning sparked an interest in me. An interest to find out more about Buffalo, it’s history, it’s present and its future.

This blog is a recording of what I’ve learned. And what I continue to learn each and every single day since.

Every building, every street, every neighborhood, every person has a story to tell. They all mean something to someone. These are the stories that mean something to me.

Come along with me as I take a closer look at the people, places and things that make Buffalo an amazing place to live, work and engage with our community! You’ll love Buffalo too!

Ellen Mika Zelasko

*I am interested in affiliate marketing, social media postings, guest posting, and sponsored posts.

I would love to hear your partnership ideas to help create interesting and quality content with and for my fellow Buffalo bloggers, friends and readers alike. Feel free to contact me at elzelasko@gmail.com.

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