While at a vendor show recently I talked to several people who said things like: “I’ve thought about doing your hikes, but I’m not very athletic…” and “I’d love to do your Buffalo Street Art tour, but my bike is not all that great…” Etc.

So I thought I’d put together some Frequently Asked Questions.

q. I’m not very athletic, does that matter?
a. It doesn’t matter at all. If you can walk, you can do the hikes. If you can ride a bike, you can do the bike rides. If you can do both, you can do the combination hikes & bikes. We cover some ground, but you don’t have to be athletic. Oh, they’re exercise, but you certainly do not have to be athletic. We call them urban hikes, because they’re exploring in urban areas. But really, it’s just walking! If these gorgeous ladies can do it, so can you!


q. What kind of bike do I need in order to do these rides?
a. Your bike doesn’t need to be anything special! The bike I use for these rides is just a regular old Raleigh.

Would it be easier with a $5000 bike? Of course it would! Just kidding. Here’s a photo of my bike so you can see…obviously not a $5000 bike!


q. Why should I pay you to take me on these hikes? Why couldn’t I just, say, go to Delaware Park on my own? (or any of the other tours…)
a. First, let me say that I encourage everyone to do their own urban exploring! For free.

But the tours I’ve put together for you are places that I know. And I know them well. I’ve researched them, and I’ve spent time there. Let’s continue with Delaware Park as my example. I know the incredible history of Delaware Park as well as what’s going on there now, and I can intelligently discuss what may come. I share all of that with you. I also know all the cool little places where you can see the park from a completely different perspective, and I’ll show it to you! I’ve happened upon things that the casual visitor wouldn’t necessarily notice…I’ll show them to you too. And you’ll be moving and exercising, but it’ll be so interesting and fun that you won’t even notice!

q. Do you have gift certificates?
a. We do have gift certificates available to use yourself, or to be given as gifts. Simply email me at ellen@hellobuffalohikes.com with your name & phone number. I’ll get back to you asap, and we can take care of everything over the phone. I prefer this method for two reasons. It’s more personal, and I get to mail you a couple of Hello Buffalo koozies along with the certificate as my gift to you!


If you have any other questions not mentioned here, please use the Contact page to email me with whatever’s on your mind.

Hoping to hike & bike with you soon!

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